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Tuesday, 14 June 2011

No comment

Ok, have just tried to add a mildly humourous comment to one of Paper Cuts' posts and it isn't showing. I typed my comment in the box, selected 'Google Account' and clicked on 'post comment' but it isn't showing up. Where did I go wrong?


  1. Well this worked, so I don't know?!

  2. This is me experimenting with commenting here, but actually it is a very clunky system. I'd expect the comments to stack beneath the post like on facebook, but on blogger you have to click on the comment and read it on a seperate page. I'm not very impressed.

  3. Lots of people have had trouble with commenting, for some reason - perhaps there was a problem with blogger recently? I think Rowena made it work, perhaps send her a quick email?

    I hope this works... *crosses fingers*

  4. I've added a comment on this on the 23 Things week 1 post. Do have a look at this as it may be you just need to clear cookies etc.

    With Blogger I'm finding that firefox allows comments much more easily than IE. Although some people don;t have a problem at all. Guess it's just one of those 'joys of IT' moments...

    Wordpress and tumlr are fine with adding comments from IE though.

    Rowena 23 Things Team