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Monday, 20 June 2011

Problem sorted!

So the answer to my commenting issues is... I neded to use Firefox rather than IE. All working tickety boo now. I think the problem was that in IE, even though I had signed in, it didn't recognise my Google Account. When I used Firefox it automaically listed it as one of the account options.


  1. I bet one of you genius colleagues helped you figure that one out ;-)

  2. I admit I did use all available resources at my disposal (like a good librarian:-))

  3. This firefox vs IE is weird. I'm doing all the 23 Things stuff in IE, but just switch to firefox for commenting on blogger blogs.
    Don't know why we're having this issue, but then again the training room seems to be totally anti IE so it 's probably just something in the set up.
    At least you can comment now though!

    Wordpress & tumblr are fine with IE though

    Rowena 23 Things Team